74 Rocktown Rd, Bellaghy, Magherafelt BT45 8LP


Harvester House

Belfast, Northern Ireland


High Profile building

Re-render of an Existing Structure


The team at McErlean Plastering undertook this facelift of the iconic Harvester House building in the Heart of Belfast for the National Farmers Union.

In recent times McErlean Plastering has been increasingly asked to conduct external re-renders of existing structures. This can happen for a variety of reasons from purely aesthetic (to revive the look of an old building) or to reinstate an external finish when a previous one has failed. This can also be taken to the next level and utilise the latest in External wall insulation where an external material is bonded to the structure to increase the insulation value of the building and modernising its appearance at the same time.

The iconic Harvester house Belfast is the headquarters of the National Farmers Union in Northern Ireland and by its very nature is a bold, imposing building. McErlean Plastering undertook an external re-finish using K Rend Acrylic render with reinforcing mesh cloth onto the existing structure. K Rend acrylic through coloured render is a fantastic product for this kind of project as it will provide a bright vibrant and long-lasting new finish to the building as if it was installed since initial construction.

Our skilled tradesmen work closely with our suppliers such as K Rend to establish the technical benefits and limitations of their products and to learn the manufacturers best practices for installation so that the finish and longevity of the installation is as the manufacturer intended. The processes of re-rendering an older property have their own sets of limitations and challenges which must be overcome to ensure the correct adhesion and long-term lasting of the new surface coating.

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