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General information about our company

Who Are McErlean Plastering?

Welcome to McErlean Plastering. The business was formed in 1990 by Paul McErlean and has continued to enjoy complete customer satisfaction ever since. We have served a wide and diverse range of clients throughout Northern Ireland and due to our strong collective work ethic, all have given positive feedback.

The company institutes a strict health and safety policy especially around construction sites and individual risk assessments are available for every individual contract. In order to enforce this, all certified plasterers in the business have completed CSR health and safety and each member of the business is proficient in on site first aid. We are now registered for our Safe T cert accreditation.

We specialise in all types of interior and exterior plastering. McErlean Plastering have over 20 years experience providing professional service to both private and contract customers in Northern Ireland and a reputation for clean quick efficient and above all high-quality service. We can adapt to the most modern house builds and the changing requirements of today’s customers.

Where is McErlean Plastering from?

McErlean Plastering was formed in Northern Ireland but work consistently across the United Kingdom and Ireland possessing the necessary insurance and accreditation to work across Europe.

Does McErlean Plastering tender for contracts?

McErlean Plastering is happy to tender for any projects. Simply contact a member of our team for details.

Does McErlean Plastering have a sales team?

No – at McErlean Plastering we don't believe in middle men – our skilled experts deal directly with our clients and their site agents to give the best material & manpower solutions from experienced personnel.

Where do we work with and who are our clients?

Where does McErlean Plastering operate?

McErlean Plastering has proudly carried out plastering contracts across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Our team of tradesmen carry all of the relevant insurance and accreditation to allow us to carry out contracts across the UK and Ireland.

Does McErlean Plastering operate in Republic of Ireland?

Yes. We have completed plastering contracts throughout the island of Ireland. Our team have the necessary skills, accreditation and insurance to undertake plastering contracts anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Does McErlean Plastering operate in mainland UK?

Yes. McErlean Plastering regularly conducts plastering and rendering contracts across mainland Britain, working with commercial building contractors and private construction projects. Our network of suppliers means that we have the ability to undertake work anywhere. For more information contact a member of our team via our Contact Page.

Does McErlean Plastering work in Scotland?

We are proud to have been involved in various Plastering and screeding contracts in Scotland in the last 20 years. Our dedicated team have a successful working relationship with many Scottish building contractors and as such we continue to regularly undertake a wide range of contracts from Lime render restorations to commercial large scale machine applied plaster and floor screeding and everything in between. We would be happy to discuss the requirements of any plastering needs you may have throughout Scotland.

What projects have McErlean Plastering completed in Scotland?

We have been fortunate enough throughout our history to deliver some notable projects throughout Scotland including the innovative BRE Resource Efficient House in the BRE innovation park in Scotland. This resource efficient project employed forward looking design and materials to construct a blueprint for future energy efficient home building in Scotland. We also undertook further large scale government funded contracts for the Aberlour School and Perth College. All of these projects were completed to our signature high level of quality and to schedule.

Who have McErlean Plastering worked for?

McErlean Plastering are proud to have completed a wide range of contracts for some of the largest Building and Commercial contractors in the UK including Dixons contracts, Tracey Brothers, Corramore, SFH developments, Clydesdale construction, Killowen contracts, BJJ construction, PJ Conway group.

What notable projects have McErlean Plastering completed?

Our specific skill set, scalable team and vast experience mean that McErlean Plastering are able to complete a huge range of high-profile projects throughout our career. Some notable examples include Queens University Belfast's Extensive renovation of the listed Riddle hall complex, Malone Road Belfast, A full internal and external Lime restoration of the Listed Lissan House in Cookstown Co. Tyrone, The Scottish government funded Resource Efficient House in the BRE innovation park, Scotland. Aberlour School and Perth College Scotland.

Does McErlean Plastering work on commercial / contracts work?

The largest proportion of the plastering projects we undertake are of a commercial nature. From contracts companies to publicly funded bodies and social housing we have the necessary knowledge, experience and accreditation required to complete any size of commercial plastering contract.

Does McErlean Plastering work on private / residential projects?

Our skills and experience in the commercial contracts industry allow us to bring value added skills to any private project. From insurance and repairs to home improvements and touch-ups McErlean Plastering have the all the necessary skills and equipment to smoothly complete your job.

Does McErlean Plastering work with self builds?

Our skills and experience in the commercial contracts industry allow us to bring value added skills to any self build. We understand that building a home can be a daunting experience and as such we believe in informing and assisting our self build clients wherever we can. From material choices to trade scheduling and equipment needs we can assist you to make it a straightforward rewarding experience.

Can you work on eco-projects?

We have previous experience working on several eco-projects. From our work on simple social housing schemes to advanced forward looking one off homes such as the BRE Zero waste Scotland house our experience with environmentally friendly techniques mean that McErlean Plastering should be the only team you call for your ECO project.

Have you ever worked on passive projects?

Yes – McErlean Plastering were proud to work with Zero Waste Scotland under the Resource Efficient Scotland programme and in partnership with Tigh Grian Limited, on the Resource Efficient House. This contemporary, three-bedroom home which has been designed to meet forthcoming 2016 Building Standards to at least Gold Performance levels. Built using Modern Methods of Construction, the Resource Efficient House will demonstrate an affordable and flexible prototype which can be replicated by house builders in Scotland and beyond.

Does McErlean Plastering partake in maintenance contracts?

We can undertake any scale of maintenance contract large or small having previously worked with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive in various maintenance and improvement schemes across their housing stock. We take each project on a case by case basis so get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

McErlean Plasterings capabilities

Have McErlean Plastering got the resources to keep to our programme?

McErlean Plastering has vast experience in working to specific schedules and to the needs of each contract. Our skilled team is scalable and we are proud to have large resource backing to allow us to implement a wide range of contracts at short notice. This means that we can maintain a high standard of work no matter what size of project. McErlean Plastering's previous clients can provide a trade reference if required.

Does McErlean Plastering have a maximum project size or capacity?

No. McErlean Plastering has a core team of skilled tradesmen and a large network of scalable squads which mean that no matter what the contract, we have the team capable of fulfilling the needs of any job. Big or small, we have it covered.

Can McErlean Plastering supply your own materials?

McErlean Plastering has a excellent resource backing allowing us to provide all materials for any size of contract. As approved suppliers for brands such as Weber and K Rend we have extensive resources for a wide range of specialist materials and colours and the necessary knowledge to prepare install and maintain these surface finishes.

Can McErlean Plastering supply your own equipment?

Due to the nature of the contracts we undertake McErlean Plastering must have the ability to undertake a range of projects in a range of locations meaning that we are required to carry a range of equipment and resources to ensure our team have the versatility to complete any project required of us. We have excellent resource backing and equipment which is available to any of our contracts.

Can McErlean Plastering supply your own scaffolding etc?

McErlean Plastering is regularly required to provide a range of scaffolding to complete our contracts. McErlean Plastering will bring in our own specialist contractors to install and maintain any scaffolding requirements you might have.

Can McErlean Plastering supply the man-power to meet our contract demand?

McErlean Plastering are immensely proud of the team of dedicated and skilled tradesmen we have assembled – we have an excellent scalable team meaning we can up size or down size our team to meet the needs of our contracts whilst maintaining our high standards of workmanship and timescales.

Can McErlean Plastering bring us ahead of programme?

Our experience and bank of skills mean that we can advise and implement specific practices to assist with any contracts. We understand that slippages in work schedules can happen. McErlean Plastering can help recover lost time through material choices and use of skilled manpower and techniques to get our project back on schedule.

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