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Machine Applied Plaster

Spray Render & Plastering -McErlean plastering use machine applied plastering on projects which will benefit from this type of plastering system. All of our skilled team have have had specialist training to give McErlean Plastering the leading edge and increase our range of products and services offered to our customers when planning their new projects.


Applying plaster by machine requires carful preplanning so the process will go smoothly. McErlean Plastering will place our plaster pump should be placed adjacent to the mixer and have sufficient hose attached to the pump to allow quick and easy pumping of plaster from the mixer to the surfaces to be plastered. Hose lengths should be relatively straight and no longer than necessary.

During pumping applications, the nozzle man holds the nozzle approximately 12 in. from the surface. Plaster is applied to the desired, or slightly greater thickness. Machine plaster application eliminates lap and joint marks, produces a more uniform appearance in colour and texture, and produces, in colour finish coats, deeper, darker, and more uniform colours than can be obtained by hand application. This technique is used extensively with through colour render systems to achieve a uniform finish.

The same rodding, floating and finishing procedures used after hand application are used after machine application. Manufacturers of plastering machines publish instructions regarding their use, care and maintenance and McErlean plastering are extensively experienced in their use and individual techniques to the best from the materials used. Our fleet features a range of machines from small electric based systems to large scale diesel driven self powered machines to ensure we have complete versatility on site to undertake any chosen job.

The additional cost of the extra machinery on site is offset by the vastly reduced application times and therefor the much reduced need for scaffolding on site. This method has become a byword with our closest customers to reclaim back schedules on jobs and allow for the effective handover of projects on time.