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  • Lime Render UK and Ireland
  • Lime Render UK and Ireland

Aberfoyle House, Magee College, Northern Ireland

This project was McErlean plastering’s first major project using keim lime as part of our own development of handling a range of materials and approaches to deliver the best outcome for our clients.

This development at the North Wests flagship higher education campus was carried out during the winter of 2015 and despite some challenging weather conditions during the schedule the project was completed on programme.

Keim lime is a multipurpose Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) render for manual and machine application, suitable for interior, exterior and damp areas. Our ream used it in this instance as a complete lime render system but it is also suitable for patch repair of existing rendered facades, over large or in localised areas.

Keim lime is straightforward and reliable to process and apply and is extremely flexible with excellent stability. Fibre reinforcement ensures reduced susceptibility to cracking and optimum wear resistance.


Key features and benefits:
•Simple, reliable and economic
•Highly breathable
•Ideal for renovation of buildings, preservation of historic monuments
•Suitable for covering mineral substrates
•Ideal for concealing cracks, flaking and differences in texture
•Fibre reinforced
•Outstanding machine processability
•Easy to apply
•Light colour